A ‘Risk’ you should take..

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In an uncertain market following the 2016 EU referendum the UK has seen a lot of changes. Organisations across all sectors are becoming increasingly more vigilant about what will happen to them in the next five years following the withdrawal from the European Union.  Staffing is obviously a critical concern, and in some circles, there is a perception that hiring an interim, is always a ‘risk’.

Some industries such as leisure and manufacturing have seen rapid growth following the weakening of the pound and ‘staycations’ with experts believing that our economy will grow 0.1pc in the third quarter, following growth of 0.6pc in the second quarter.

With this positivity there is however still an air of uncertainty that is sweeping across all markets and recruitment agencies are bracing themselves for a sharp increase in interim or temporary members of staff. As specialists in the interim and contract sector Venn Group find ourselves answering the following questions:

Why engage with an interim?

The reason that most organisations are currently turning to interims at the moment is to minimise their long term risk and (salary) investment. Interim spend on most occasions, does not count towards head count or revenue budget. They can be used as an effective tool to reduce workload and increase productivity without the long term constraints of a permanent member of staff.

What about the cost?

The cost of an interim should always determined by the return and output they provide not the initial cost. Venn Group prides itself on providing high quality interims that complete the job in hand with the minimum of disturbance to your business-as-usual. Our clients consistently get excellent ROI on their interim spend.

How can we trust them?

Trust is built on reputation and reputation is built on quality of service. By supplying high quality interims to all of our clients Venn Group firmly believe that we can be trusted well outside the (extensive and complex) compliance and reference checks required.

Is it a risk I can take?

Venn Group will complete all the compliance and reference checks to take any risk away. We will give peace of mind that anyone who walks through your door from us can be trusted.

You determine how long they work for, the budget for the role and when and where you would like to work and Venn Group will complete the rest.

One question left then.. When do you want them to start?

Tim Goggin – Venn Group

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