A Career in Recruitment – answering the ‘Why?’

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Believe it or not, as I was sat in primary school at the age of 10, discussing what I wanted to be when I grew up, a recruitment consultant was not the career that immediately came to mind. You won’t be surprised to hear that it was not a career many of my piers dreamt of either.

Unusually, I was exposed to an insight into the world of recruitment from a reasonably early age as my mother worked within the City as an associate recruiter before setting up her own company. Like most children it was not until reaching my later teenage years that I began to take any interest in the career that she had chosen and if I am being completely honest I did not have a particularly high regard for it either. Like many people who have not experienced working within recruitment first hand, I used to joke with her about how easy she had it and that surely it was purely a matter of matching A with B. The client asks for a candidate, you look on a website, match the criteria to a candidates attributes and sit back and enjoy a sometimes rather high fee.

These thoughts were quickly and quite abruptly dismembered when I decided to do some work experience within my mother’s company throughout summer holidays at college and then University (thinking it should be a fairly easy “gig”). I was thrown into an incredibly fast paced environment which entailed a number of different processes and work that needed to be carried out.

I started purely by sourcing candidates for specific positions through a number of different avenues including job sites, internal databases, generating adverts. Whilst this may sound simple in theory, it can often be a long process and what I did not realise was how quickly things can change. Unlike selling a static object, people’s situations are always changing and this must be managed as effectively as possible. No person or situation in recruitment is ever the same and it was this that began to really intrigue me. I continued to search and generate candidates for some time, often facing frustration with them deciding they are no longer keen on the role, or another agency had secured them a position elsewhere. I was failing at securing any candidate for any jobs.

It was not until I had been doing this for several weeks that I finally managed to find a new candidate for a position, talk to them throughout the process (alongside the aid of more senior consultants too) and book an interview for them with the client. A few days later I was informed that the candidate (my candidate), had been offered and accepted the position. The feeling was incredible. The days of work and frustration had immediately been forgotten and were replaced with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. Whilst only being exposed to a small part of the recruitment job I was already realising that my idea of easily matching A with B could not have been more wrong and the fees charged seemed far more reasonable.

After completing my degree at university I decided to embark on the recruitment career myself and I secured a position at Venn Group in London.

Whilst to begin with it was rather a shock to realise the amount of work involved in this industry, I also quickly began to realise how rewarding it can be. I am now two years into my career as a recruitment agent and whilst it would be misleading to say my work experience gave me a dull insight into the industry, it did start me off on a remarkably exciting journey which offers highs and lows at such a frequent rate that I struggle to imagine being possible in many other sectors. I have been challenged in so many different ways and am constantly learning. I have learnt skills that can be applied to so many things in life, from negotiation skills, to running my own business portfolio and building strong and long lasting business relationships. Recruitment has not only helped in terms of career skills but has also made me a more confident person outside of work.

Recruitment has for many years appeared to have somewhat of a stigma and often, when I inform people of the career I have chosen, I receive a reaction that would suggest it still does. However, it never frustrates me seeing these reactions; in fact I can relate to them. I too was a disbeliever in the recruitment industry. What I certainly have learnt over my two years is that recruitment is an incredibly challenging industry, one of the most competitive in the world. It requires hard work and long hours, however it is also an incredibly exciting and rewarding career and it is a job I am now proud of and excited to progress in. I am continuously being faced with new challenges and opportunities and am looking forward to see how much I can achieve.

I welcome anyone’s thoughts on the industry as am always keen to hear people’s views. Furthermore, should anyone be thinking of recruitment as a career, I would be more than happy to share my experiences in more depth.


Charlie Cripps – Venn Group

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