Join us in bucking the Blue Monday trend

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Join us in bucking the Blue Monday trend

In 2005 the bright sparks at Sky Travel decided to create Blue Monday, described as the most depressing day of the year. Yes there is some mathematical equation behind this but does that mean we should have adopted this negative oppressive outlook? It seems many people have and it has now become ‘a thing’ and every year there are articles and conversation about Blue Monday so I thought I’d jump on the band wagon as a complete non-believer.

Why should any single Monday be worse than others during the year? If you listen to Monster, everyone hates Monday’s all the time, except maybe Bank Holiday Monday.  Everyone loves those!

I’ve decided I want to rebel against Blue Monday and have listed some tips to beat the Blue Monday stigmatism.

  1. It’s as much about not being negative as it is about doing something positive. People always feel the need to make a positive change which is great but sometimes making a change by removing a negative can make more of a difference. Make a start by refusing to acknowledge Blue Monday.
  2. Get outside on your lunch break. Even if it’s only for 10 minutes, break away from that screen and go in search of fresh air and natural sunlight.
  3. Pay someone a compliment, or make a charitable donation. There is growing research that altruism (is it really altruism, if we’re doing it for an end goal?) is linked to improved health and wellbeing, not just for you but also the person you are complimenting.
  4. Plan a trip or something to look forward to. Many deals just require a deposit, so it can be a relatively affordable positive focus. If money really is an issue then just start to look at where you might like to go later on in the year or plan the trip out and book it when finances allow.
  5. Don’t stack challenges – perhaps have a break from dry January! If the month of January is so challenging, give yourself a treat (or two).  For those of you who are dieting or counting those calories a glass of fizz is less than 100 calories.
  6. Watch something funny. With the world of Netflix, Now TV, Sky and even terrestrial television I defy anyone who says they cannot find something funny to watch. Whether it’s Seth Rogan’s hilarious animation for adults, Sausage Party or if it’s season 2 of the critically acclaimed British comedy Chewing Gum there is something out there for everyone.
  7. Change your career!  It might not just be Monday that’s bothering you, but the prospect of another 12 months in your job.  If you need to make a change in your life, why not give Venn Group a call and kick start your 2017 career search?


Kirsty MacDougall – Venn Group

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