Ronaldo, Tom Daley and Venn Group walk into a bar..

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Tom Daley, on first look, appear to have absolutely nothing in common. Ronaldo is a Portuguese footballer, best known for his individual brilliance who plays for Real Madrid and one is a British Diver who is best remembered for winning a bronze medal in the London Olympics in the individual 10m platform.

On further inspection, they both have one thing in common: Their greatest achievement of 2016 could not have happened without their colleagues and team mates.

Tom added another Olympic medal to his collection this year, and this time in the 10m (synchro) with his partner Dan Goodfellow. You probably remember Dan’s mother getting upset on twitter at the lack of coverage in the papers of her son’s contribution to the bronze medal.

Ronaldo’s achievements need no introduction (for football fans), his performances – at Manchester Utd, Real Madrid and Portugal – have elevated him to a level alongside the greats of the game, but it’s perhaps his drive to be recognised as the best player in the world – and as a consequence – better than a certain Leo Messi that he will be most remembered for.

In previous years I would argue that it was his goals (and there were a lot of them) that won him the individual awards that he craves, but I think this year, you could argue that it was his form – and his team mates form – on the international stage that won him this year’s Ballon d’Or.

In the summer Portugal achieved something they have threatened to do since 2004: They won the 2016 UEFA European Championship. Now this author does not doubt Ronaldo’s contribution to Portugal’s achievement – he scored 3 goals, had 3 assists and was named in the team of the championship, but if Portugal hadn’t won the final against France, sans Ronaldo (he was substituted off injured early in the match) do you still he would have won this year’s Ballon d’Or?

In any sales environment it tends to be the Consultants with the most success that tend to get the most attention, but at Venn Group, because we work as part of a team, we know that whoever has the spot light on them at any one time, will benefit from this, not solely off their own efforts, but because of the collective.

I am a firm believer that individual excellence can only be reached, when one understands the importance of cultivating strong and symbiotic working relationships, and I have always been very grateful to my colleagues for this.  Or am I just saying this, because I was injured early in the first half..?

Stephen Maxwell – Venn Group

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