Short Term vs. Long Term Staff

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For my sins, I’m an Arsenal fan and have been all my life. I’ve seen many things as an Arsenal fan, to name a few; double winning seasons, winning the league at White Hart Lane, winning the league at Old Trafford, scoring many last minute winners, losing in the Champions League final, throwing a 2 goal lead away against Tottenham, Eboue being subbed on and (booed) off within the same game, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry and of course the Invincible Season – Before anyone comments, I appreciate this is a while ago!

My earlier managerial memories of Arsenal are back in the Graham days, then a brief spell with Houston and Rioch. However most of my Arsenal memories come with Wenger, who is still currently in hot seat and has been for an impressive 20 years, but is it time for a change?

Lots has happened during Arsene Wenger’s reign; we’ve seen multiple iPhones, Trump elected as president, the British public voting for Brexit, Tottenham finish above Arsenal, José Mourinho make a name for himself in the Footballing managerial world, Tottenham win the league and much more.  But the last few years has really seen the Arsenal fan base divide, with a number of fans calling for Wenger to step down.  So has the man, who is generally regarded as having a huge contribution in revolutionising football in England through the introduction of changes in the training and diet of players, finally done all he can for Arsenal Football Club?

While Wenger and Mourinho are both regarded as elite managers, they are extremely different in the way they operate. One is a mature, professional, loyal manager and the other is Mourinho.  But in all seriousness, they are extremely different in that Wenger has taken on this Arsenal project and put in place a long term plan, while Mourinho has taken on lots of short term projects (his longest spell in management is under 4 years), with success pretty much everywhere he has been (apart from his most recent spell at Chelsea where he lost the plot – terrible to see).

I could forever argue with most Chelsea fans as to who is the better manager, but in my opinion, it comes down to what the need is of the football club (or organisation). Could Mourinho go to a club and masterplan a stadium move, ensuring the club remain competitive and continuously play European football?  Could Wenger take on a number of 2-3 years stints at various clubs, delivering titles and cups along the way?  We will probably never know the answers to these questions, but I believe when it comes to recruitment, it very much depends on an organisation’s requirements as to whether they need an interim member of staff (Mourinho) or a permanent member of staff (Wenger).  Both are good, but may be able to deliver you different outcomes.

We ask all clients to keep the same in mind for their staffing requirements. Many Agencies will offer both interim, and permanent staff, but the two are really different solutions and one really isn’t a good fit for the other.  If you need a permanent member of staff – use an agency that specialises in that alone, and if you need a specialist interim / member of contract staff, you really should find one of those…

Daniel Abrahams – Venn Group

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