25, single and confused?

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I am now at a confusing stage in my life. I am 25, single; drive a fancy car, good job BUT still living at home and still waiting for pay day at the end of each month to come around.

We live in an age now which is much different to our parents. My mum and Dad were married at 21, had 3 kids by 26 and bought a house whilst being on a below average salary.

When I think back to this and I look at my current situation I think to myself, how? How did they do it?

I have come to accept that buying a house is now a pipe dream at this stage in my life. More and more people in my generation are renting properties as opposed to buying, if anything buying now seems like the rare thing to do for people my age.

Renting and leasing is no longer looked at as ‘Wasted Money’. It is now the modern way of living. Used car businesses are going out of business. Why would you spend £10,000 on an 8 year old car, which after one year could become unreliable and most likely will decrease heavily in value, when you can get a brand new one straight out the showroom for £150 a month?

Due to the rise of social media I believe people are idolising the wrong people. The younger generation is now idolising talentless reality TV stars and not the seriously talented, athletes, singers and people who genuinely make a difference in the world.

Social media has changed many peoples perspective on life and has quite simply brainwashed us all. I asked my younger sister the other night “Who is your female idol who you look up too?” Her reply to my surprise was a reality TV show personality. I asked my Dad the same question, about who his idol was, “Bobby Charlton” – A world cup winner, a plane crash survivor and one of the most talented football players to play the game. This for me summed it all up.

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