A 6 Nations guide to the Healthcare market

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As we approach the mid point of the 6 Nations, so too do we reach midway through the first quarter of our business year. Both have thrown up some surprises, yet it seems that the status quo continues in the main.

Italy have brought in Mike Catt, Conor O’Shea and Brendan Venter in an attempt to improve them dramatically, but they can’t change the habit of a lifetime and continue to get well and truly beaten each weekend. Nick Mallet, the former Italy coach described the job as the ‘biggest challenge’ in world rugby. The same is true in the NHS; despite all the changes implemented to improve the sector (capped rates, transfers to staff bank to name a couple), they cannot seem to prevent the increasing costs and loss of cash – millions of pounds are lost because we do not recoup costs from visitors not entitled to free care.

England continues to prosper and grow as the months go on – 16 wins on the trot show how far they have developed since a disastrous home World Cup exit in 2015. Private Healthcare continues to grow, mainly due to the pressures on NHS Trusts. More people are turning to the private healthcare sector for treatment, thus easing the burden on the NHS. Recent figures show that growth in private acute healthcare is up 8% to £7.8bn with many patients opting to receive NHS paid treatment in independent hospitals.

People can draw their own comparisons between an aging and stagnating Wales squad and the NHS.

Scotland, France and Ireland show real flashes of promise, but then both continue to flatter to deceive at times, much like the capped rates brought in by NHSI. Contractors just aren’t being lured to the sector. Yes, the NHS saved £600 million in the year since the cap was introduced, but the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, states that there have been “no noticeable, widespread increase in temp-to-perm transitions” since the cap was introduced, despite best efforts.

So what is the solution? How can the healthcare sector make sure it is more England than Italy?

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