Does working from home have a place in Recruitment?

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Does working from home have a place in recruitment?

Recently I have received enticing messages through LinkedIn, telling me of various roles in recruitment offering remote working. Previously something I had never considered, it made me wonder “Is working from home a positive in the world of recruitment”?

With news from Stanford University have concluded that remote workers are 13% more productive than their office based counter-parts and a heavy backing for the movement by Richard Branson and other Business Moguls, it is a question which needs serious consideration.

With today’s technology of cloud storage systems the pros for working from the sofa are quite apparent. Job satisfaction remains the biggest plus with workers able to cut out gruelling commutes when bad weather sets in and afford more time with loved ones when the working day is over but what other benefits are there?

Time management is something to be considered as recruitment is undoubtedly not a 9-5 role. With a more relaxed choice in working hours consultants would be able to work longer and smarter, contacting those who may only be available out of office hours and gain an advantage over other agencies not offering a similar service. Consultants presumably would also benefit from the added responsibility of managing their own workload and would feel a greater element of trust between them and their agency as well as significantly reducing the number of sick days.

So with all these valued incentives, why could it ever be a negative to have Recruitment Consultants working from home? Well for a start you immediately lose your team spirit and buzz for those staff remaining in the office. Agencies tend to utilise the buzz and excitement of their office to inspire enthusiasm in consultants and to entice new staff to join them. Without this atmosphere you risk the dampened mood affecting sales and staff retention.

Direct information sharing is something we also rely on heavily in the office too. With some staff working remotely you would lose out on their knowledge of particular candidates and clients and other aspects of the role. This would hamper our ability to make snap decisions as the need to ring round to get consultants opinions on roles will slow the process and ultimately affect our service.

As much as I would love to roll out of bed and load up the laptop in my superman onesie everyday with a bowl of shreddies on my knee I just cannot seem to get over the risk of losing morale within my team and missing out on the benefit of the support from the fantastic people around me.

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