Four Common Misconceptions about a Career in Recruitment

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No one grows up wanting to be a recruitment consultant (please correct me if I am wrong). Personally, I went through phases of wanting to be a Vet, owning a sweet shop, running a livery yard, and I even dabbled in HR, all before I chose my career in recruitment. It is not something that we are overly aware of growing up or something that is proposed to us at school, but as people come out of university there seem to be more negatives surrounding this industry than positives. So I would like to clear the air about some of the negative discussion points I have seen.

1. It is a stop gap/short term career until life presents something ‘better’

Recruitment/sales is always seen as the “I will do it for a year or two and see what happens”. This really doesn’t have to be the case. Recruitment isn’t for everyone, but for the people who thrive in it, it is a fast-paced, ever-evolving, friendly and structured environment where career progression is often transparent. Maybe I am among a few who look forward to my appraisals to see; what the next step is? What the next challenge is? And how close is the next rung of the ladder? Recruitment is a legitimate long term career; it is something that can be life long and a career that can grow and suit individuals in companies that suit them best. Venn Group is a team based; people focussed Recruitment Company so it suits individuals who are invested in being developed and going on to develop other

2. It is a burnout career

“Apparently”, Recruitment is three years of selling your soul to the devil for millions of pounds and then leaving the company as a broken shadow of your former self. Dramatic, I’ll give you that, but not necessarily the way to view it; any career can be a burnout, get-rich-quick scheme if you play your cards right (or wrong) and there are some companies who don’t mind that sort of attitude as it puts cash in the bank. Venn Group look for career-driven individuals who are invested in building up networks as a team and in turn developing a lucrative commission pot but we also believe in a work-life balance and a friendly and supportive work atmosphere.

3. There is no work/life balance

This is very much a case of opinion so I won’t go into too much detail; I complete my work and still have time for evening activities, whether that is dinner, drinks or gym classes. I never take any work home, I don’t work on weekends and through simple time management skills and to-do lists I am out the door promptly every evening.

For people looking to start families Venn Group offers good maternity and paternity packages and is supportive following your return to work. The lack of work/life balance does differ from company to company; personally I do not believe that my career affects mine

4. Limited or finite job satisfaction

Early on in my recruitment career I took my job satisfaction from hitting KPI’s, increasing my access to commission and placing jobs, which in hindsight were all very “millennial” short term goals. As my career progressed and I grew into my role I had new responsibilities that were more diverse and long term. Now I get my job satisfaction from training new members off staff, building long term solid business relationships with candidates and clients and looking towards growing my team and working towards management. There is not a day I dread going into work and even though there are days I get frustrated, overall I leave with a sense of achievement or something to work towards

Hopefully this shines a brighter light on Recruitment as a career choice. It is something I never thought I would fall in love with or that I would feel this passionate about, but I see myself as being amidst an amazing career, full of opportunities which are achievable and I see happening around me on a daily basis. If you think a career in recruitment is for you, or if you have had any different experiences you want to discuss, please feel free to comment below or pop me a message.

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