Supporting Young Women into Work

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“Growing up with no money or support really doesn’t build character or gumption, it just sucks. When I was younger I had so much optimism. But the mixture of poverty and the burden of caring for my mum who has mental health issues took its toll. I started working at 15 because we had no money, working shifts when I should have been studying for my GCSEs. I felt isolated; until I found Young Women’s Trust. I am one of the lucky ones.” Rosie.

Young Women’s Trust exists to support young women like Rosie. Despite girls doing better academically than boys, young women are facing a crisis with nearly 1 in 7 (aged 18-24) currently not in education, employment or training (NEET); this figure has been significantly higher for young women than young men for over a decade. And the NEET figures mask an even greater problem. There are many more young women who are only able to find low-paid jobs with insecure contracts and who are cycling in and out of work. This brings the figure of disadvantaged young women in England who are in need of support to over 1 million.

The UK economy loses £2.6 billion every year in lost productivity of women and a recent report by PwC found that if we are able to get more young people into employment and training it could add £45bn to the UK economy. Young women have the potential to play a vital role in our economy and our local communities and we are all losing out by not enabling them to work and succeed.

Venn Group is proud to be working with Young Women’s Trust and will be supporting them at their first awards on 21 February 2017. Sponsoring the Influencer Award, we are looking to recognise young women who use their voice to speak up for others.

While most awards acknowledge those at the very top of their profession, Young Women’s Trust, which supports young women on low or no pay, will highlight the fact that getting a foot in the door is the biggest hurdle for most young women. HRH Princess Alexandra will present awards to everyday young women whose hard work is often overlooked.

Dr Carole Easton OBE, Young Women’s Trust chief executive: “We are delighted that HRH Princess Alexandra will be joining us to recognise the fantastic work young women are doing. Progress is being made to increase the number of women in senior leadership roles, but this is not making a difference to the barriers young, disadvantaged women face getting a job in the first place.”

These awards are a way of recognising the amazing young women in the UK who overcome challenges every day.

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