Balance through opposites.

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The best decisions or actions are never made in a vacuum, filters need to be applied that reframe and regard the topic from every angle. At Venn Group I am lucky enough to work with opposites, in fact it is actively pursued. I work with people who exasperate me, agree with me, challenge me, support me and see things totally differently from me. Whilst sometimes exhausting, can we all not think of those occasions when we have performed at our peak because our mind has been challenged? After all can’t easy, habitual and routine be quite boring? Research has shown that constant learning can decrease your risk of dementia, so it’s benefit to look at those challenges as a form of learning.

To create this environment it is critical that companies recruit and build teams on the premise of opposites. Often the person you gel with the best in an interview can just add a mini you to the dynamics, and that similarity can breed inertia. So look for the yang. If you are a risk taker find logic, if you are structured find spontaneity. Do this, and not only will your team make more balanced decisions but you personally will enjoy the challenges presented to you by your opposite.

With today being International Woman’s Day, it is a perfect time to reflect on how celebrating and promoting these opposites could lead to more parity.

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