5 reasons to love recruitment

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  • The Buzz

To truly thrive in recruitment you must love the buzz of the sale. Don’t get me wrong, recruitment at times can be repetitive (writing CVs anyone?) and EVERYONE at one stage or another gets stuck in a rut. But nothing beats the feeling of making that placement, winning that new business and when you’ve really connected the dots. And even when that rut is rife- it only takes one phone call to turn it all around and get that buzz back.

  • The Career Progression

So life isn’t all about money (where have I heard that before), so alongside the dosh, the path to promotion in recruitment is cleared as quickly as you wish. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the game, if you work hard, have a bit of talent and really drive you can carve the career path of your dreams.

  • The money

So life isn’t all about money, but it certainly helps. In recruitment, in general, the harder you work in the more you will earn. It’s a pretty simple formula and it means we are driven to find every candidate their dream job and every client their dream candidate. You can see the rewards for your hard work every month on pay day and it’s addictive. Again there will be bad months- but on balance there is no other industry that compensates quite like this one. You get out (of the ATM) what you put in, in the office.

  • The People

Chatting all day with candidates and clients makes you feel involved, like you’re part of something bigger. We are social animals after all and a recruitment office is as sociable as it gets. It’s a great place to meet new pals and form lasting friendships (especially in a new city). Sure people may wreck your head from time to time but it’s all round good craic and laughter is a serious tonic when it’s not your week.

  • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

That sense of accomplishment at the end of the week or month when you’ve matched candidates and clients together is unrivalled. Leaving the office knowing everyone is happy is a great feeling. It won’t happen every single week, but when it does, it’s sure worth it.

If all of that sounds exciting, feel free to get in touch with internal recruitment team here at Venn Group, Francesca Gribben (fgribben@venngroup.com) and Jonathan Pierce (jpierce@venngroup,com). They’ll be sure to tell you 5 more reasons to come and work at Venn.

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