Surviving or Thriving?

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The Mental Health Foundation runs Mental Health Awareness Week, which will take place 8th-14th May 2017. This years’ theme is called “Surviving or Thriving?” which seeks to address the issue of mental health by shifting the focus away from levels of mental health problems, to looking at why so few of us are living with good mental health.

During this week, The Mental Health Foundation will be producing a new report to highlight the numbers of people who feel stuck on ‘survive’. There will be case studies, detailing people’s personal accounts of whether they believe themselves to be surviving or thriving. They will be providing advice and insight into how we can build good mental health in the context of our work, our digital world, our parenting approach and in our communities.

Mark Rowland, Director of Fundraising and Communications, comments that ‘We want Mental Health Awareness week this year to spark a national conversation about how we can thrive in life.  We have seen real progress in terms of our physical health but our mental health as a country has not improved.  On the one hand, we know reducing mental ill health is about creating a fairer and more equal society because there is a clear link between disadvantage and a higher risk of mental illness. It is also about helping each of us individually understand the steps we can take to increase our resilience to what life throws at us and reach our full potential. Achieving better mental health for all is possible – please support the week and add your voice for change .’

The campaign actively encourages people to spread the word and get involved in activities, such as fundraising or sharing a story. For more information on the value you can add, please visit 


Olivia Freeman, Healthcare

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