The North – the new NHS powerhouse of innovation?

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I moved to Leeds over three years ago and it wasn’t a decision I took lightly. After months exploring opportunities within other cities across England I came to the conclusion that Leeds really is the Powerhouse of the North and quite possibly the most exciting city to live in for my generation. Of course I was tempted by London, the city slick life style and glossy perception looked very appealing but I soon realised that the daily commutes, long hours and cost of living just wouldn’t suit me.

Leeds has the benefit of having a compact centre whilst also being able to offer all the benefits of a thriving and colourful city. It is also set to be the next big mover in regards to industry within the Public Sector and this, if you are a Public Sector consultant, is exciting.

With a population of 770,000, it is no wonder that NHS England chose to house their head office here. Leading NHS professionals travel to the city on a daily basis to attend ground breaking meetings where the future of our healthcare is decided. Hailed as the Integrated Pioneer City, Leeds Care Record was the 1st project in the UK to see all the cities healthcare providers confidently share mental health data, no small feat.

More recently, with changes within the public sector around IR35 legislation and Monitor Pricing Caps being more stringently enforced than ever, some professionals who travelled from the North on a weekly basis to work in the South are choosing to stay local to their homes in the North. Will this hail a new era of the North being the hub of Healthcare Innovation? Only time will tell but it is definitely a great time to live in Leeds.

As a Public Sector Recruitment Consultant it is has been my pleasure to work alongside the NHS in ensuring they have the best and most experienced professionals to facilitate this Innovation coming to fruition. Whether it has been the Project Managers working on the West Yorkshire Urgent and Emergency Care Vanguard, Procurement Managers overseeing the bids success of the STP Business Plans or the STP teams themselves, Venn Group has certainly had an arm in changing the future of healthcare.

Hannah Quinn, Healthcare Division, North East

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