A happy workforce is a productive workforce?

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Having one of those days where your head just isn't in your work? Stress can get on top you at the best of times, coupling that with other factors can bring about a lack of productivity in the workplace. In most roles, performance is key, so how important is it to ensure you strike the right work/life balance and how this can be achieved?

Coming into work in a positive mood will more than likely lead to a better day in the office, whatever the day throws at you. When you’re not positive it can have an effect on you, your workload and those around you.

In the role of a Recruitment Consultant, where between 50-60 hours a-week is spent in the office, it's important to build relationships with those around you. Although it's not essential to be everyone’s best friend, having a positive engagement with those around you and maintaining a positive, professional relationship with co-workers can be one way to improve your output.

If you are able to engage with those around you it can only lead to a stronger desire to work.



Recruiting the right personality fit is key and ensuring that you are getting the right people for an already existing team is crucial. From there, you then have to ensure that the team goes from strength to strength through team building and engagement. 

Easy methods of keeping up morale can be recognising a successful week with a couple of drinks after work, a Whatsapp group for anything not work related or randomly allocating lunch breaks to ensure people get to spend time with colleagues they normally wouldn’t get to speak with. All this can lead to increased productivity in work hours.

Ensuring you’re in the right frame of mind going into work is key when it comes to keeping your team upbeat. You can not be exempt from positivity if you want a positive team. Take time to speak with different people each day and take an interest in peoples lives to ensure they feel valued.

Overall, a happy workforce is more likely to be a successful one.  Ensuring a team can work well together will result in happier individuals and ultimately more productivity. However, are there further factors that could affect this, or is this just not applicable to all sectors?


Mark Carney, Venn Group

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