Does persistence still beat resistance?

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Working in recruitment is not that much different from other sales environments.  Before the shiny new vacancy gets filled there have been man hours put in, calling clients continuously. This is done not just to earn money from our clients but to better understand an organisation, department and Line Manager, so when the opportunity to recruit arises we do it to the best of our ability. Due to the nature of our work we understand that people these days don’t always have time to speak with a recruiter every month, or just don’t want to, especially if we are not the only agency trying the same approach.

So what works best?

Statistics on Hubspot tell us that 80% of sales happen after the fifth follow up call if you are lucky/good enough to get there. With ‘phone calls you get immediate feedback on any issues and can build relationships quickly. The downside is if you call too frequently you end up pestering people and relationships can break down just as quick.

Emails can be a good way to get your message across without intruding on people’s day too much. You have time with an email to get all the information you want over to your recipient and provide thought provoking details. Again though, this is not without its downside. Emails are easily deleted and even if read, the author may not stay in the mind of the reader for long enough to prove a viable sales option.

Social media marketing is a daunting challenge for any company. Putting yourself out there in the big world (wide web) can reap invaluable rewards and target numerous decision makers within a few clicks. Like emails, you have time to deliberate over your content and narrow down your target audience. The downside can have just as big of a negative impact. Audiences can be harsh critics and one small mistake can travel far through whichever social media outlet you use, causing disasters for people as individuals and organisations.

Meeting with clients has always been my favourite option. I think the opportunity to get in front of people and read their body language to understand what they are passionate about and what matters to them and their business is essential. Likewise, it gives the recruiter the opportunity to do the same and show what drives them. It also shows that you value their business, even if they haven’t given it to you yet, as you take the time out of your day to meet with them. Like the other approaches though, meetings take time and more time means your message being heard by a smaller number of influential people.

The best I can come up with is a combination of all four with time and consideration into each client we are trying to contact. Take the time to ask your contacts which method they would prefer and maybe try to sell the benefits of the other options.

I would be keen to hear your thoughts on how you think it is best to build relationships with your clients.


Ryan Rainey, Venn Group

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