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Posted on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 by Venn Group1 comment

Recruitment is a role full of variety. Each day, although it can follow a similar structure, is completely different from the next and that is normally down to the amount of success. Whether that success is speaking to a client you haven't been able to reach, being asked to work on a role or finding the perfect candidate for a vacancy you are working on.

With success comes failure and unfortunately for every recruiter it does happen from time to time, even to the best of us.

Now regardless of your business area or even pastime, to improve at anything it is all about understanding failure and learning from your mistakes. This can be done by yourself through analysing your own performance or seeking the help of a friend, colleague or in a recruiter’s case, from the client.

I spend a vast amount of my time building relationships with my clients to understand current and future needs, their preferences for me and how to work and most importantly their ideal candidates.

I have never felt a professional frustration in my whole working career like it when you’re told by a client that they have gone with another competitor and they refuse to provide any reason as to why.

Fortunately, I speak with a number of clients who understand this process and take the short amount of time to discuss this with me. It is a rare scenario that I am put in this situation but, like many of us, I want to be the most successful recruiter in my industry and this information helps me do this.

When I don't receive detailed and honest feedback and I don’t understand why things didn’t work out, my biggest fear is doing whatever I did all over again. This is only going to ruin relationships with clients and candidates.

Relationship building with my candidates is just as important as the work I do with my clients. When reviewing an unsuccessful recruitment process and not understanding why my 'perfect' candidate didn’t secure the role, this leads me to believe that I have not represented them to the best of my ability. Whether that be due to lack of experience in a relevant area in their work history or incorrect following of a desired process from the clients point of view.

The time taken to put myself in the best position possible for when recruitment needs arise is vital. Obviously it’s not always easy news to hear but it never falls on deaf ears. I reap the benefits of this, resulting in a streamlined process for client, candidate and myself. It’s a win, win, win.


Dan Fowler, Venn Group
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1 comment on "Feedback = Win, Win, Win"

  • James says: 14 June 2017 at 17:11

    It is good to hear you say that relationship building with your candidates is just as important as the work you do with your clients.

    As a candidate in the past I have gained the impression from many recruiters from different firms that they and their managers do not share this view at all.