How does the weather affect your mood?

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As I look out onto a rain soaked Headrow in Leeds at the start of June it refreshing to know that the great British summer time is just round the corner, apparently.

This gets me thinking, can the weather affect our work and productivity? 

Except for creating miniature warfare within the office for control of the air con, it is commonly known that the weather can affect your mood and in turn, productivity within work. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern, meaning that people's mood and behaviour change with the weather and changing seasons. It is said that people who suffer from SAD, typically their mood during the winter months is lower whilst being more positive and upbeat during the warmer summer months.

Whilst the days are shorter and the mornings are dark, people find it more difficult to get out of bed, become more lethargic and feel sleepy during the day; this in return can have a negative impact within the office and can cause individuals to be less productive. Regular exercise and getting enough natural light can help improve people’s mood during the winter, especially those who are suffering from SAD.   

But is the warmth always better to create a more positive and productive office environment? Warmer weather is often associated with better mood and more positivity but when the days are hot and sticky, people can become restless and irritable. This can cause them to become less patient and more aggressive. I for one, begrudge sitting in a warm office during the week only for the rain to show up for the whole of the weekend.

Being able to adapt your behaviour depending on the weather can be essential if you want to be positive, productive and successful. 

Obviously there are a number of other external factors that can affect your mood - family, relationships, how your football team has done at the weekend, (being a Leeds United season ticket holder has caused me constant despair for the last decade), all have huge impacts on your mood, but research has shown that the weather can have a impact on how we feel.  Whether that is cold mornings creating winter blues or warm evening leading to sleepless nights, the weather does affect your mood and productivity.

How do the seasons and the weather affect your mood?

Tony Clapham, Venn Group

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