More uncertainty for house builders?

Posted on Monday, June 12, 2017 by Venn GroupNo comments

The results of last week’s election have had many types of fallout, one of which includes Tory Housing Minister Gavin Barwell losing his Croydon seat to Labour’s Sarah Jones.

This, combined with the uncertainty caused by a hung parliament, will no doubt leave some question marks lingering for house builders.

The immediate fallout is that shares in the UK’s major house builders have fallen dramatically as the stock market reacted, with Berkeley Homes experiencing a 4.93% share price drop.

Many figures within the housing market are warning of uncertainty, at least for a period of a few months, which is not a luxury that the country can afford.

My previous articles have highlighted an urgent need for greater levels of housing, particularly for those who are most at need.

How do you think the market will respond in terms of construction levels? What knock on effects will this have on the wider population?

As always, I would be keen to hear your opinions on these issues and how this will affect your businesses.

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