Political Campaigning and Recruitment

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In the midst of a general election campaign and all the hype that follows, it is hard to escape being captivated. Whilst some may be apathetic to the political sphere, no one can question the passion from both sides on the political spectrum. The consequent discussions that follow with family, friends and colleagues are a far too often reminder of this.

Politicians are often vehemently scrutinised and don’t we know it! It can seem like an impossible job. They are often criticised for being untrustworthy or disinterested, but during a general election campaign, their passion, resilience and hard work is evident to see.

During election time, the amount of energy that politicians pour into campaigning is commendable and their stamina, astonishing. To canvas across the UK and to be constantly switched on in ‘campaign mode’ must be unimaginably physically and mentally exhausting; all to achieve our vote. Similarly within recruitment, to be successful, a strong work ethic is key. The early starts and long days are vital for successful business development. However, after weeks or potentially months of developing relationships with clients, to achieve first time business with a client is extremely rewarding.

The political parties set out their vision for the country in their respective manifestos; but, it is the actions of these wishful MPs, from which their words are measured. A politician’s career during a campaign can be make or break for them. The more genuine and dependable they seem, the more likely they will be elected. Likewise in recruitment, these qualities are vital. Our robustness is tested on a daily basis in our quest to locate jobs for candidates; we too, need to prove our salt in delivering on the promises we make and providing an expert service. You are measured by your ability to show to both clients and candidates, that you are the best person to help them in their respective situations. From the perspective of a recruiter, achieving exclusivity and repeat business with a client are clear examples of trust.

I have restrained myself and not bored you with my own political preference or predictions for today’s election outcome, but I will instead offer an honest verdict on the comparisons made between recruitment and campaigning. Despite the fact there are challenges in both industries, the potential rewards far outweigh the costs. I firmly believe if you are able to maintain a strong work ethic, demonstrate your personality, deliver on what you promise and act with integrity, you are likely to succeed, whatever your cause.

Owen Davies

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