Recruitment Views: The Race is on

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It has become apparent that the future of the automotive industry will come in the form of electric vehicles. With more and more investment being thrown into the development of this technology, the race is on for manufacturers to innovate and capture this emerging market.

Britain’s leading automotive manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover has recently announced they will be recruiting 5000 new employees to develop their own capabilities in this area.

And they are not the only businesses who are looking to cement their place in the electrical vehicle market. Other leading manufacturers, including Honda, Tesla, Audi and General Motors, are committed to releasing models into the market by 2020, cannibalising current profits in the process.

We are also now seeing tech. giants including Google throw their hats into the ring as they begin research and development into autonomous electric vehicles, only increasing the already saturated levels of competition.

But the real question is who will be left standing once those newly developed and highly expensive products hit the market?

A key concern for many must be where is the expertise that will drive the development of this emerging market going to come from?

With the rapid growth of this market and the already scarce numbers of suitably qualified local engineers available, we can expect inflated costs for those with the necessary skills to drive this market forward.

With profits being sunk into R & D and competition increasing, are we likely to see catastrophic repercussions for those who fail to provide a successful electrical alternative to their petrol and diesel models?

Thomas Good, Venn Group

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