The importance of Client - Recruiter Meetings

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In an age where much of communication is increasingly done via LinkedIn, email and ‘phone calls, the face to face meeting seems to be fading away. Clients - and recruiters too - are often guilty of being too busy or supposing that there is no need to meet, especially when other forms of communication are ostensibly faster. However, while it may be quicker in the short term to simply send over a job specification when in need, in the long run you could be weakening your chances of finding the perfect candidate. Not sure why? Read on…


  1. The importance of personalities – A key advantage of meeting with your recruiter is that it allows them to get a far better picture of what you are like as a person. This enables us to match candidates based not only on their skill set but also their personality, this is particularly important when the client will be the direct line manager of the candidate. For instance, in addition to experience some clients may want candidates who are bubbly, outgoing and loud while others may prefer candidates who are quieter and more reserved. Matching the right character is far easier and more successful when one has met with both the client and the candidate, whether in a formal meeting or even over a cup of tea.


  2. It saves time – While ‘phone calls are informative to a certain extent, meeting face to face is superior when it comes to allowing a much more detailed and free flowing conversation. These meetings are perfect for specifying exactly what you want and allow both client and recruiter to bounce ideas off one another in one structured meeting. It allows all specifications to be laid out in the allotted time rather than over several phone calls and emails across multiple days. The lack of multitasking and distractions that are often prevalent while sending emails is an additional advantage that results in fewer avoidable follow ups.


  3. Recruiters can better sell your organisation to candidates – When pitching vacancies to candidates we are often asked numerous questions about the organisation, its ethos and its practical elements. With questions ranging from whether there’s a shop nearby for lunch and what to wear, to where the nearest parking spaces are and how the office is laid out. The more information we are able to give candidates, the more likely they are to feel happy and excited to take the plunge and go forward for your position.


  4. Reassurance – There are countless negative reviews of recruiters online at the moment, with many candidates and clients feeling that they’ve been let down and turning to the internet to vent their frustrations. This negativity has inevitably meant that many clients feel apprehensive when using agencies, especially if they are working with a new recruiter. As a result, meeting with your consultant gives you the opportunity to put a name to a face and will hopefully allow you to build a strong and trusting relationship, putting yourself at ease.

If you’d like to meet me and discuss anything recruitment related, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to come over and discuss your departmental needs.

Grace Wood, Venn Group

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