The NHS… An industry looking for change?

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Following a hung parliament earlier this month, and with the future of British government still lying in some uncertainty, British politics seems to be at a crossroad. With so much at stake in the coming year (Brexit negotiations), and a record high 66.4% of young voters (18-24) turning out to vote, it would suggest there is a need for a sympathetic voice to represent these voters.

Jeremy Corbyn identified this appetite for change and managed to significantly loosen Theresa May’s grip over parliament by tapping into the younger voting audience, and crucially, persuading them to go out and vote based on policies that mattered to them. However, I for one was still left wondering if he really understood what the younger electorate wanted. It is clear to see I was not the only one as although we had a record turnout for 18-24 year olds, they were still the least politically active when it came to voting which suggests that there is still some way to go until we have a truly representative government.

The UK as a whole appears to be changing its approach to the way it operates in order to find solutions to everyday problems.  An example of these changes is in the contracting market, and specifically in the healthcare sector.  With the NHS under ever increasing pressure to reduce costs and make savings, many hiring managers have looked to bring in commercial candidates to provide this solution.

It seems that gone are the years where NHS experience would be the most important aspect on a CV when applying for roles within the NHS. Hiring managers are starting to value commercial sector experience more and we are now in a position where we find many senior interims securing their first position in the NHS.  With a perception that the NHS is now being run more like a business, (or at least needs to be to reduce deficits), the opportunities for candidates with more commercial experience to break in to the industry are very apparent.

The hope is that alongside this new injection of commercial acumen, you will see a host of new money saving solutions, but is this going to be enough to save an NHS which faces so many cuts. There is definitely still more that needs to be done.

But I guess where the two parallels differ is, I’m sure there are plenty of young politicians trying to break into politics to enact change and represent the beliefs of their friends and peers, but are the commercial candidates wanting to break into an industry like the NHS that is under so much pressure to perform?


Scott Davies, Venn Group

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