Tradition and Change – How do we balance the two?

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“White Ball Cricket” is taking the world by storm at present. The IPL , Australia’s franchised version, The Big Bash league and the ICC Champions trophy are drawing in more and more spectators each year.

Matches are shorter, more explosive and for the most part more entertaining. It appears the less avid cricket fans amongst us would rather see Jos Buttler smashing the leather off the ball than the equally impressive, albeit more attritional, style of Geoffrey Boycott. 

I, myself, enjoy Test Cricket. Particularly the patience and resilience shown by both batsmen and bowlers to work each other out over five long days, and the traditions that test cricket boasts. Even in this arena though cricket is breaking away from traditions to compete with the popularity of the one day game, and of course increase spectator interest for a more commercial gain. Earlier this year, Australia held the first day/night test match with Edgbaston soon to host the first on these shores as England take on the West Indies.

Working in the interim recruitment market, change happens all the time and will continue to be the case. Over the longer term big changes like the advent of e-mail over fax have dramatically changed the recruitment landscape. More recently we only have to look at the recent changes in IR35 regulation, looming Brexit and the small matter of the general election and the hung parliament that will no doubt have an impact on budgets and recruitment policies for various organisations.

Venn Group has been established since 2001. We have been able to adapt to various changes and grow, whilst still keeping hold of the traditional, fundamental recruitment pathways of placing quality candidates into the right roles for them and that business. To ensure we are a leading supplier of interim staff within the UK Venn has had to recognise and react to change whilst also respecting the fundamental more traditional elements of hiring and that balance has been key. Cricket is currently trying to find this balance in all forms of the game.

How do you balance dealing with changing landscapes and the more traditional elements of your role or sector? Let us know below.

Jack Sharpe, Venn Group

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