Is Birmingham now in Dubai? Is Warwick in America?

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Well now this appears to be the case! What I’m talking about is the global expansion of Universities, with Universities now becoming a brand that is more accessible to students internationally.

The above articles highlight the development of a Dubai campus for the University of Birmingham and a campus in California for the University of Warwick.


So why is it that Universities are choosing to do this?


The development of the University as a brand seems to be a big factor, making their presence known globally rather than just being known for the specific city they reside in. You will now be able to choose between Birmingham and Dubai, or Warwick and California but still be attending the prestigious ‘University of Birmingham’ or the ‘University of Warwick’.


Not only are Universities developing abroad, they are reinvesting more money into developing their existing facilities, and so constantly changing and improving the student experience. Gone are the days of living in a 60’s building with shared bathroom facilities, extremely dated communal areas and catered facilities. Nowadays the student expects more for their money; living in modern apartment blocks, with en-suite bathrooms and flat screen TVs.


Indeed, money is at the heart of this phenomenon as Universities try to increase their appeal beyond the Students in their catchment area, and instead attract students internationally who want to attend these prestigious British Universities. It’ll be interesting to see how all these changes will effect the Higher Education sector over the coming years.


Over the past few months we have seen an increase in candidates interested in working within Higher Education due to the increase in prestigious projects. Would this be a sector of interest to you? If you work in the University sector I’d be keen to hear your thoughts on this phenomenon and the effect it will have over the coming years?


Chloe Parkes, Venn Group

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