Fantasy Recruitment XI: Who gets the call up?

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Have a look around your office; have you ever thought about who would make your Fantasy Recruitment Team?


With the Premier League season now underway, and over 4 million signed up to the official Fantasy Premier League competition (, I can safely assume that the majority of offices are running their very own ‘mini leagues’, with financial incentives included, or playing just for the love of the game. So it got me thinking, what traits would you be looking for if you were to create your own Fantasy Recruitment XI?


As the avid Fantasy Football player would tell you, a lot of thought goes into each individual selection with a player’s current fitness, pre-season performance, fixture list etc. all coming into consideration. So what variables would be on your mind when searching for the next Tom Heaton or Marcos Alonso of the recruitment world?


The Goalkeeper

  • Consistency

  • Modesty

  • Quick Reactions

A key position for any team as a ‘keeper can slyly go about their business, picking up valuable points week in week out, without you really needing to consider changing them. They are of course vital also in preventing potential game changing moments e.g. conceding a goal, or having a candidate bail pre interview. These are your dependable recruiters, who can dig you out of any hole.


The Defence

  • Organised

  • Leaders

  • Adventurous

The modern day defender is the most popular choice as they can pop up with the odd goal, as well as be part of a back line that rarely let anything slip. In my view, the type of recruiter that would fit into any Fantasy defence would be the top managers. They are the ones who lead successful teams with great organisation and communication, as well as popping up with the odd placement themselves.


The Midfield

  • Adaptable

  • Game changer

  • Endurance

The midfielder is someone who you need to consistently get you points from all areas. Not only will they have to score frequently, but they will also have to pitch in with a number of assists, gain the odd point for a clean sheet and really push for those all-important bonus points. A Jack of all trades, and someone who is not afraid to go against orders to turn the game on its head.  The perfect recruiter to slot into your midfield should be someone who is constantly perfecting the ‘360 recruitment’. They should be assisting colleagues in finding the right CVs, placing a highly respectable amount of candidates, and someone who can spot an issue, and will take it upon themselves to resolve it.


The Striker

  • Ruthless

  • Clinical

  • Selfish

These are your top billers, your top goal scorers, your poachers. The recruiters who will do whatever it takes to put that placement up on the board and reap all of the rewards. They are constantly helping your team as a whole; however that is at the back of their minds when they start seeing their commission come through at the end of the month.


Now, this is a thorough analysis of your colleagues, so I won’t ask you to post your squads in your responses, but I’d love to hear about what other traits you think are needed to create your perfect Fantasy Recruitment XI. Hopefully this article does get you thinking about who will make your squad, and best of luck to all actual Fantasy teams for the season ahead.


Joe Tyrrell, Venn Group

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