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Which Game of Thrones House are you, based on your recruitment style?


House Stark:

Although you may be prosperous this week, provisions need to be made for the Long Night... so while the other Houses are focused on winning here and now, you know that marketing is a useful tool for the future. You think ahead, and maintain relationships with clients...Winter is coming and you don't want to be left with cold contacts.


House Lannister:

A Lannister understands that providing a good service to their allies is paramount to keeping the peace, but profit is the ultimate purpose. Negotiating the best margin, whether it be with the Iron Bank or another client, is what financially sustains your House. It is important to a Lannister that their overall GP doesn't decrease; a Lannister always pays their debts. 


House Targaryen:

Entering into a new market can be unnerving, so one must always ensure that they are speaking with the correct people. Although speaking with people at a lower level can be useful for information gathering, to facilitate a victorious entrance into the market, one is in need of powerful allies. But a Targaryen knows that bulldozing your way through isn't always the best tactic, you don't always need Fire and Blood, diplomacy can get you far. 


House Greyjoy:

The Greyjoy’s are examples of understanding your market. If you do not sow, don't attempt to better those that hold the market. If you are experts in sea battle, don't put all of your assets into fighting on the land. Putting forward a united front in your market and knowing your vantage points can ensure a swift execution of a placement. 


House Baratheon:

The Baratheon’s are an example of poor people management; one must acknowledge skill sets and place accordingly. They show that you cannot place a warrior in the place of a diplomat, and vice versa. It is important to properly assess the skills of candidates, so that you don’t place a Robert on the Iron Throne…or in the NHS. Perhaps the most ‘Stark’ example would be that of choosing the Hand of the King. Understanding the requirements of the candidates, such as willingness to relocate and their rate, and being aware of their longevity are all key aspects to the process.


Whatever your style, the recruitment industry is fast and ruthless, but at least it’s not as bad as being in Westeros – when you play the Game of Recruitment, you win….or you ring back in a month.


Bethan Jackson-Jones, Venn Group


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