GoT: A stark reminder that time is precious

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Like the majority of people I know, Tuesday mornings in the office have taken a different turn of late. Previously there would be a sombre start to the day as Monday blues are shook off and the week begins to show its hand. However in the last few weeks, at around 8:20am, the office is abuzz with conversation, not necessarily work related or even current affairs, the source of the noise is more often than not fantasy based, as everyone discusses the previous nights episode of Game of Thrones.


Though I too get swept up in the observations and theories of what has and what may happen, there’s one thing this recent surge in office chatter has made me think about above anything else, time. It feels, to me at least, that before you’ve had a chance to even think about the next move of the Lannisters, Targaryans or Greyjoys, that it’s already Monday and time to sit in front of the TV and find out. This is something echoed frequently by colleagues and friends, week on week we seem to lament that time is passing a little too quickly these days. Between working upwards of 10 hours a day, sleeping 8 hours a night (if you’re lucky) and any commitments in between, rarely do we ever seem to find any time sit back and relax.


With the constant pace at which we live our lives, it’s easy to feel as though you’ve forgotten something, be it in your working day or personal life. An extra 2 hours on the standard working day would seem to most to be more than sufficient to have every task at hand completed, ask anyone working in recruitment and they’ll tell you that’s not necessarily the case. Working in such a fast paced environment can often lead to minor details being overlooked. Again, ask anyone in this industry and they’ll tell you it’s these minor details that can make the difference between an average week and a great one.


So how do we make the most of the time given to us and what can be done to deter the thought that time is fleeting. Outside of work I’ve found that taking 30 minutes to yourself works wonders, be it a quick trip to the gym, meditation or even simply sat on the balcony with a cup of tea, properly taking time to separate yourself from the working day helps gather your thoughts and mentally prepare yourself for the next day. In work it’s a case of back to basics to ensure the time you have is fully utilised, a tidy desk and good diary management can work wonders. At Venn Group we’re fortunate enough to have a team around us all pulling in the same direction, a luxury a lot of agencies don’t have. It’s easy to sometimes forget this glaring benefit to a team structure and take on more than you can handle yourself. So my advice, if you are fortunate enough to have a good team around you, would be to not only talk to your colleagues about which major character has been killed off this week, but to also seek their help and advice around the more pressing matters at work and make sure no minor detail has been overlooked.


Dan Smart, Venn Group

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