Great expectations

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When a client enlists help with placing an interim role the goal is to provide the best candidate within the specific timeframes given. When a new vacancy arises it is important to manage the client’s expectations to ensure the recruitment process is seamless for all parties involved.


What expectations need to be managed?

Let’s look at a real world scenario to understand the problems that our clients face. If I were to walk in to a car dealership and request the newest Ferrari with a personalised number plate for £1,000, the salesperson would advise me that my request was unrealistic. It should be the same with recruiting, if the budget is not right or the skillsets are unrealistic, clients need to be informed at the earliest possible stage. By doing this, clients will have sufficient time to have budgets revised or requirements changed and thus enable recruiters to provide them with the highest quality candidate.


Why are expectations not managed?

Similarly to the car dealership scenario, when the customer is told that they can’t have the £1,000 Ferrari there is a risk that the customer could walk out in pursuit of the Ferrari at another shop.

In recruitment, if a client is told that they may not be able to find exactly what they are looking for, they may approach a competitor agency. However, overpromising is frustrating and if you can manage the expectations of a client, then you are more likely to deliver the best results time and time again.


The key to setting expectations

Whether it’s a Car Salesman, a Prime Minister, a Football Manager or a Recruitment Consultant it is vital to set expectations. You may initially have people question why you cannot do something or why you are pushing back on their request but my advice to you is – stand firm and say honestly what you can achieve within the parameters which have been agreed, then all you must do is deliver on the realistic expectations that you have set. In the long run, you will end up selling more cars, gaining more respect from your nation, winning more trophies or placing more jobs for your satisfied clients.   


Hamish Harmer, Venn Group

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