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Are you helping your recruiter sell your organisation? Are you helping your recruiter sell you? 


Look at the Premier League for example as we edge closer to the closing of the transfer window. Gone are the days where you can buy a player with a sit down lawn mower and a curry (and Kevin Keegan was great...) as talent acquisition is a key to success. 


This is very much a candidate driven market that requires a variety of methods and approaches to draw the best talent to your club, to drive you forward. Now unfortunately, the summer comes to an end and the focus is on budgets, targets, profits and deadlines, and the support required to achieve this.


How do we do this?

When drawing talent, some clubs may be able to pay astronomical sums. Some clubs can attract talent by their name alone or their training plans, whilst smaller, less financially backed clubs, use their passion to build, to push boundaries and break the mould, allowing you to be a part of something special. Ask yourself ‘what do you want?’.


So, what do you want?

If you're a hiring manager or if you are a candidate, take your time to explain your motivators, your key selling points and discuss the best route to market with your recruiter. Rushed purchases, £50m for Torres to Chelsea or £35m for Andy Carroll to Liverpool for example, don't always work... 


As a candidate looking to build your experience, consider two things; Are you getting the benefits one would want staying with the same club? What benefits would you draw from gaining experience under new management, with a different team?? 


As a recruiter with experience across both the Public and Private sector, I have seen people adapt to environments that the expectation was to fail based on initial review of their CV. A fresh outlook can bring benefits on both arms as a hiring manager or a candidate looking to new opportunities. Have a chat with your recruiter and ensure they know how to sell your company and/or you as a client or a candidate – you have to shoot to score… apologies for the last line.


Liam Stubbs, Venn Group

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