Recruitment Agencies: Is this the end?

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Hiring a new employee can be a daunting task to some managers. There is good reason for this nervousness as there are so many variables to consider including:  the skillset required, the personality fit and of course the budget available for the role. Once all of this has been decided the next stage is to decide whether to manage the process personally or contact a recruitment agency.


Traditionally recruitment was done by means of advertising and this could take the form of newspapers, posters, magazines and even TV and radio ads. A number of these are still used today, but they tend to target a limited audience. Since the 2000s an alternative has emerged – the boom of social media facilitated by the widespread use of the internet. Via LinkedIn and jobs websites, hiring managers have found that they can advertise roles with minimal effort to a large audience at a low cost. So does this mean an end to traditional methods, and where does that leave recruitment agencies?


Whilst the internet has made it easier for hirers to attract a large audience, it is also easier for candidates to apply to wider range of roles at the mere press of a button. The low cost of advertising online is offset by the time it takes to trundle through the plethora of irrelevant CVs. The recruitment process tends to be longer and laborious and can be just as costly in the long run.


Recruitment consultants provide a streamlined process where the client will only see the strongest 3 CVs and of that they interview 2 of the best candidates. Furthermore, we will meet with the candidates first and achieve what cannot be gauged through any CV, personality and team fit. A recruitment consultant’s entire day is focussed on vetting CVs, screening relevant candidates, interviewing the strongest candidates and ensuring their worker’s rights are compliant with labour laws.


Whilst social media and the internet has hugely changed the stakes in recruitment, by making it cheaper to advertise and attain a large audience – the booming nature of the recruitment industry is testimony to the importance of quality and efficiency in the recruitment process. This is especially true for the interim market where time is precious and quick turnarounds are needed. Whilst 3 polished CVs may make recruitment look easy, it is the product of a polished and efficient service, that can save you time and money.


Piri Muthu, Venn Group

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