Top tips for an interview

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So you’ve just got off the phone to a HR Manager/Agency recruiter – you have an interview for your dream job!


You’re excited; you can’t wait to tell your parents, your best friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your dog and anyone else who will listen. Now - you have a few days to prepare for it, clean and iron your best smart clothes or if you’re like me; buy some new ones; after all, you have needed an excuse to go shopping. What do you do next?



Prepare everything!

  • Clothes as mentioned above – make sure they’re ironed!

  • Prepare for questions they may ask and how you will answer them

  • Any documentation you may need – CV/Passport etc.

  • Plan your journey to the interview (public transport or car?)

  • Prepare some questions to ask your potential employer – this is really important! It shows them that you are truly interested in working with them


What can you ask about?

  • Role expectation

  • Culture/social aspect

  • Why they chose to work for the company


This is key! The employers love your CV – but what they will be impressed with is your knowledge of their company and even themselves. It shows them that you are better than the average interviewee. If you have done your research and are asked something you’re not sure the answer of, this may startle you, but don’t panic – if you don’t know an answer, just be honest, but show them you are keen to learn the answer and that you will be an asset to the company.


Where can you research?

  • The company website

  • Google news

  • LinkedIn

  • Glassdoor


Personally, LinkedIn is my favourite (‘You went to Brighton University? I went to Brighton University!’), and you may even find out that you support the same sport teams or even know someone in common.

On the day:

  • Arrive no more or no less than 10 minutes early – it can be quite inconvenient if you arrive half an hour early and you will probably be told to go for a walk and come back for your interview time!

  • Eat something – nothing worse than having your stomach rumble during an awkward silence!

  • Be yourself – no one wants to hire a robot who is repeating what they think employers want to hear

  • Finally, stay away from ‘I’m amazing, I’m great’ – instead, backup anything you say with examples of what you have done previously


These are my top tips – do you have any? Feel free to comment below!

Srija Neupane, Venn Group

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