What I learnt in my first week of Recruitment

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My two pennies worth. You never know, it might help make your first week that little bit easier!

  1. Acronyms. Lots of acronyms. If you don’t know one, ask.

  2. You will at various stages of the week feel utterly confused. It’s totally normal.

  3. The phone is your friend. Get on the phone and get on the phone quick.

  4. Learn it right the first time. Speed comes with experience but unlearning bad habits takes time.

  5. You will ask a variety of what you feel to be stupid questions… they’re not.  Keep asking.

  6. Trust is number one. Follow up and maintain relationships. Do what you say you’re going to do.

  7. Open questions on the phone. Who what where why when and how are your friends.

  8. Outline what you’re going to do – Be honest… it’s not just a quick call.

  9. Repetition repetition repetition.

  10. Always gathering information. You never know when it might come in handy…

  11. Never assume anything. Always expect the unexpected.

  12. Be yourself. On the phone, meeting candidates, with your team. People buy from people.

  13. Organisation is crucial. Folders. Lots of folders.

  14. Take notes on everything. There’s too much information to process for you to remember it all.

  15. Everyone around you has been in exactly the same position.

  16. Get involved and get to know your colleagues. There will be things you know, things you don’t know and things you didn’t even know there was to know. You’ll get there - just stick with it.

  17. Candidate and client are equally important.

  18. You will at some point mess up… don’t worry about it. Think about what you did well and what you could improve on.

  19. Be curious, be inquisitive and ask questions. Be interested. Note down birthdays, plans etc. Let them know that you’re listening.

  20. You never know when a candidate or a client could need you. If not now then potentially in the future. Candidates become clients, clients become candidates. Don’t burn bridges, build them.

  21. You will go to voicemail. A lot. The next call is the one. Be resilient.

  22. Be persistent – Perfect candidates or clients aren’t going to fall into your lap. Make it happen.

  23. Be yourself!


Ultimately, if you’re not being told you’re doing it wrong, stop worrying and keep going!


James Perkins. Venn Group

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