Is the loyal employee dying out?

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Have the days of the loyal employee gone forever?


Starting from the bottom and working your way to the top stories feel like a distant memory.


When I think of loyalty, I think of my father. You will need to go back many years to 70’s and picture a young, long haired, guitar playing “dude” fresh out of Uni.


Having just finished his degree he embarked on a journey within the Public Sector in Ireland. He started at the bottom and worked his way up to management and then Senior Management; all within the same organisation.


This was a common enough occurrence back in my father’s day but seems nowadays less of the norm. With the inception of the internet and with us now in the digital age everything is out in the open. Everyone is looking over their shoulders at everyone else, some want to skip the wait and hard graft and jump up the ladder.


There are a number of reasons people choose to contract: it can be the thrill of meeting new people, new ideas, and new ways of working.


The average American worker spends 15 months in one role

47% of UK employees plan to change jobs within three years

Top reasons given by employees for leaving their jobs: career development (22%), work-life balance (12%), managers' behaviour (11%), compensation and benefits (9%) and wellbeing (9%)

For companies, it can be a real headache to keep top talent; it is getting harder and harder to keep people keen and engaged in one organisation.


There is no eureka moment for solving this, the world is more connected than ever before. Some want to explore, some will stay loyal.


The ease of access to an abundance of information has sparked curiosity in the explorers.


David Harney, Venn Group

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