Positive Healthy Attitude = Better Sales Performance

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I previously worked as a personal trainer in the city dealing with various high-end clients, but decided six months ago that I wanted to change my career and started at Venn Group as a Recruitment Consultant. Although there are many differences in the two roles I believe that one thing stands in both – with a positive healthy attitude you enhance your sales performance.


In any sales environment, I believe putting yourself in the best mental state is the key to success. Whether you are selling on the telephone or face-to-face, you can feel positive energy from the person you are speaking to. The more “positive energy” you give, the more you receive back and positive outcomes will be generated.


Personally, I believe that a “positive mental state of mind” is generated by treating your body correctly. What I mean by “treating your body correctly” is exercising, eating healthily and sleeping properly – it is a lifestyle choice. Ultimately your body is your vehicle, if it isn’t looked after properly; it will break down one day.


According to simplyhealth.co.uk, 91% of employers care about health and wellbeing and more than a third of employees (36%) say that their emotional and physical health and wellbeing is most important to them at work. Interestingly that's more than those who feel career progression opportunities were most important (30%).


It makes sense that “Physical” and “Emotional Well-being” go hand-in-hand and if you have a bad day, you can always head straight to the gym and have a one-to-one boxing session to let everything out!


Nearly 30% of your life is actually spent sleeping, that’s just over 22 years of your life if you live up to 75 years old. Is there any time to be not positive? Keep your “vehicle” clean and looked after, and exercise and eat well. Remember exercising produces “happy hormones” and you will feel confident about yourself.


Ultimately, with confidence comes better performance in anything, especially in a sales environment. Being positive and confident attracts and engages people who will ultimately lead to people buying from you and from that comes success!


Aaron Wheeler, Venn Group

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