Team Focus in Recruitment

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Recruitment is an ever changing industry. Whether it is a stepping stone or a platform to step onto, it is a career that will benefit you in any run of life. One of the more recent changes within recruitment is the emphasis that now falls on a team basis.


So what are the differences between team based recruitment and individual recruitment? Within a team environment, emphasis is placed on encouraging individuals to take responsibility for not only their own actions but the team as well. There is a bigger sense of pride when achieving team goals but also a bigger sense of guilt for letting the team down. This means that there is more of a united front within team based recruitment, with all team players contributing to scoring the goals. This provides a more positive atmosphere and discourages the negative competitive environment among colleagues you often find in individual recruitment.


Along with the organisational changes the team basis presents, there is also an impact on the recruitment process for candidates themselves. The team structure means that the initial 60 second impression you make comes around more than once, giving candidates and clients alike a stronger chance of receiving a positive impression of the organisation. Candidates faith within the organisation will be boosted as a result, knowing that there are a number of professionals working together to ensure they are able to secure the most appropriate role for them. Alongside this, clients will have the same faith installed knowing that the team themselves are doing their upmost to source the most appropriate candidates for their role.


Effective of this, disjointed workflow is often one of the key problems facing the recruitment industry making the team fit imperative. Sharing information across the team is essential to ensure that the process doesn’t crumble at any one stage, and to select the perfect candidate at a speed. As a result, it is crucial that the team works together as opposed to against one another to put themselves above competitor agencies. The bond between a team is, therefore, fundamental to achieving success. This means praising employees when they do well and not being afraid to tell someone when they’ve made mistakes in order to ensure future success is guaranteed, which without learning from mistakes would be impossible.


Ciara Halpin, Venn Group           


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