Tell it to me straight.

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Have you ever been for an interview and just never received any feedback for the company? Or have you been placated with the statement “You just weren’t a great team fit”? Do you regularly hear “It was really close and you were just pipped to the post”? Being told you haven’t been successful in a role is never nice, regardless of what you’re told or not told but in all honesty without true and full feedback it all begins to feel like a bit of a timewasting exercise.


As a Recruitment Consultant, telling candidates they haven’t been successful in an interview is the worst bit. From the first call I have begun to build a relationship with you, I have read your CV, matched it to the job requirements and will take time learning about what you need from your next role. Days of preparation go into it to ensure you have everything you need for the interview and feel confident. I will nervously await your call after the interview, eager to hear how it went and what you thought of the client. As a recruitment consultant, I want your feedback nearly as much as you do. That’s why I think it’s important that when I do get that feedback (if we can get feedback), I give you the bad as well as the good.


In an interview we all have habits. Maybe it’s giving one word answers to questions instead of elaborating on when, where and how you performed that activity. Maybe you were too relaxed and not corporate enough. Maybe you came across as too loud and not serious enough. What ever the feedback is, I am going to pass it on and communicate with you and I will do this so we can hit the mark next time.


Arguably negative feedback is more valuable. Everyone is quick to tell you what they are good at but no one likes to talk about their weaknesses. You might not even be aware you have bad habits in an interview. Unless you’re told, you will keep making these errors in all your interviews moving forward. Negative feedback could be what lands you that next dream job role.


If I could pass on any tips, always ask your consultant what you could have done better and land that next interview! If you are hiring and have had this experience yourself previously, please take the time to give full feedback on the candidates even if they have not been successful and be part of a movement that will secure their future role.


Hannah Quinn, Venn Group

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