The change in lifestyle from student to work – Advice from a busy Recruitment Consultant

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I recently graduated from the University of Greenwich where I enjoyed 3 years living the student lifestyle. Everything was very chilled, apart from those last minute deadlines when I was up until midnight to make sure they were hit! I had so much free time although everything had to work around a budget as I wasn’t working full time.


Once I graduated I realised I had suddenly fallen into the adult world where time is money and you have to be organised to things to get done.  I am now four months into my new role, working as a Recruitment Consultant within the fast paced Social Housing industry and have already realised things can get on top of you if you not organised.


Based on this I have put together five simple steps to get the most out of my personal life while being successful in recruitment:


Step 1 – Ensure you go to bed early, beauty sleep is important and it also means you will be focussed and start the day with a clear mind

Step 2 – Enjoy a big breakfast and make sure you consume two litres of water a day – although don’t drink too much or you will lose valuable time running to toilet all day!

Step 3 – Be active! – Go to the gym or get involved in other physical activity to keep yourself fit. It is best to get this done in the morning as (trust me) you will be tired by the end of the day, you don’t know exactly when you will finish plus there are so many other fun things that can distract you (let’s be honest, a glass of wine is far more appealing than 20 minutes on a cross-trainer after a hard day’s work!)

Step 4 – Plan your whole day first thing; this will mean you get the most out of your hours in the office

Step 5 – Try and stick to this plan although don’t beat yourself up if something changes – in the fast paced world of recruitment anything can happen and more than likely it will be out of your control!


Going from being a student to getting a “proper” job is hard, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a negative experience. If you are worried about starting work or struggling to make the transition then why not try these tips as I guarantee some will work for you.

What tips do you have? Please share them!


Sintija Mezpapane, Venn Group


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