The Rise of Recruitment as a Desirable Career Choice

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When I grow up, I want to be……


…a Doctor, a Lawyer, a Vet perhaps.


We all had dreams as children about the paths we would forge in adulthood. Influenced by our parents, older siblings and sometimes even our favourite TV show, we envisaged life past education and away from overbearing Teachers to a future where we would be masters of our own destinies, carving out a career that would make all around us proud and perhaps just a little envious.


And although our aspirations have probably moved on from Astronaut or Firefighter to more realistic options, the core criteria remain the same. It has to pay the bills and eventually lead to a comfortable existence (one with holidays and a nice car); it has to provide training to be the best in the business (mediocrity is not an option); it has to provide a route to the top and people we aspire to emulate. Most of all, when we are home for Christmas in a turkey-induced coma, sipping our umpteenth glass of red wine, and the parents ask with a tilt of the head ‘so how is everything…really?’, the truthful line has to be ‘this is my job and I am so proud.’


For me, the inspiration was always the 80’s classic film Working Girl. Many of you reading this won’t have a clue what I’m talking about but I urge you to give it a try. It’s all shoulder pads, perms and power suits. Melanie Griffiths does good as a working class girl who succeeds in the executive world of a Wall Street Investment Bank despite the best efforts of her malicious boss to thwart her.


It’s an uplifting insight into the corporate world of the eighties. And as the credits roll and the lyrics of Carly Simon’s ‘Let the River Run’ boom out over the Manhattan skyline, I remember thinking ‘that is going to be me…’


And it is….Granted I do not live in New York and my husband is no Harrison Ford, but quite honestly the career I have carved out for myself in recruitment has achieved all I set out to achieve.


And it happened completely by accident. When I finished university in 2002, recruitment was not an option at my university careers fair; none of my friends were going into it; there were no helpful blogs or you tube videos about it. So when I went to my first recruitment interview, I was highly ill-prepared. In fact, if I was interviewing the Kerry Malcarne of 15 years ago today in 2017, I would definitely say no.


For many years, I interviewed people who were just like I had been. Luckily today, it is a lot easier to access information about jobs in recruitment, about what’s involved and who would be suited to this career. The person who sits in front of me today is a different breed. They are informed, inquisitive and, yes, passionate about their choice of career. And that’s just it, isn’t it? It is a choice. People are choosing recruitment as their preferred career path because it offers all of the benefits we talked about earlier: career progression, training and money. For those who work hard and want to succeed, it is a career to throw yourself into, to see a future in and most importantly to be proud of.


Whilst recruitment will never be a childhood dream, as adulthood approaches and the real world takes hold, it is certainly a path that many will choose to take.


So as Christmas is just around the corner, get ready to settle down in front of the TV, grab that glass of red and ‘Cheers’ your career in recruitment.


I for one am thankful to those who gave me the opportunity all those years ago…and will always have a soft spot in my heart for Working Girl (honestly, give it a watch!)


I shall leave you with the lyrics of Carly Simon…

‘Let the river run,

Let all the dreamers

Wake the nation.

Come the New Jerusalem.’


Kerry Malcarne, Venn Group


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