A comparison of recruitment and buying a car

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What’s your budget? What are you looking for? Why do you find yourself looking? Are these questions relating to recruitment? Or buying a new car?


Having recently found myself looking for a new car, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons between recruitment and purchasing a new car.


The first thing I thought was similar was the search. What exactly is it that I want? Am I looking for something to take me from A to B, no frills or, do I want something really special that will give me great joy for years to come? “Woah, steady on!” I tell myself “what’s my budget?” It’s all well and good thinking where I will park my new Bugatti but am I being realistic?


When people first start looking to buy anything new they may have a clear idea of what they want to purchase. These customers can become disillusioned with what they want to get against what they can actually afford. When you suggest an alternative they disagree and are adamant it must have certain qualities. When dealing with cars it may be a certain brand they want. With recruitment it may be a certain qualification like ACCA or CIPS. Often customers will want what they are familiar.


Steve Jobs said it best when he stated “A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.”


As a recruitment consultant it’s my job to manage expectations and ensure my clients get the best value from their budget, which may well mean changing the requirement to reflect the market and make their role more appealing.


As with my car purchase I wanted more bang for my buck, but in the end went for a car that fulfilled my requirements and I won’t regret, luckily I was advised by an individual more interested in my outcome than just his sale. 


So, whether it’s recruitment in your department or making that big purchase follow these golden rules: 1. Research the supplier; are they reputable, do they understand the market and do they have your best interests at heart?

2. Evaluate the cost; can you afford the initial payments and the further costs that come with it? This could be insurance for a car or ongoing training for a new starter.

3. Will it add value and serve its purpose.




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