Ethical Hacking: Man the Walls and Bar the Gates

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Ethical Hacking: Man the Walls and Bar the Gates

We’re all reminded, as a basic requirement of being a competent user of IT, to change our passwords regularly, and not to share personal information online unless absolutely necessary. But, with hackers at our gates, how useful a piece of advice is this?

Well, as it turns out, the latest trend in hacking is something to be welcomed, as it’s on the side of the downtrodden user.

In recent years, instances of hacking have become increasingly sophisticated; all of us, at least once a day, receive emails from someone purporting to be from an essential service in our lives, but instead are hoping to gain access to our computer or phone. Heroes have begun to rise up to meet this challenge, in the form of the Ethical Hacker. The Certified Ethical Hacking Course is designed to create The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), a new breed of IT guardian; working tirelessly to attack an institution’s system, establish faults, fix them and improve the resilience of the IT systems.  As phrased on their website, ‘To think like a hacker, you need to be a hacker’.

This new Hercules of the IT world has now found its way into the Public Sector, with Leicester Council being one of the most recent Councils calling on them to help fortify their systems. Over the past two years, over 11 members of staff have had their computers targeted by malicious software, causing widespread damage to their desktop systems. In order to combat this, the Council employed, in early 2016, two IT auditors as part of their cyber resilience programme.

‘This allows us to protect our information and do business online with citizens securely and safely. This also helps to ensure that the Council has a better understanding of the controls in place to prepare for, protect from, detectand respond to cyber-attacks including practising how we would manage the consequences of a cyber security incident.’ Council Spokesperson

With this newfound surge in the importance of defence against cyber bad guys, we’re seeing an increase in the number of ethical hackers required, particularly in Public Sector organisations. Venn Group has seen that the most dangerous threat to an organisation, is no longer the man that kicks down the door and has away with the safe, but instead is a new breed of cyber bad guy, needing cyber security specialists to tell them ‘you shall not pass'.
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