Get back on the resolution horse!

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So last Friday was statistically the most likely day to break your new years resolutions.

In my last piece I gave my resolutions. Have I kept them? ……mostly! 

Were any lapses due to lack of conviction or just old habits sneaking back?  Probably a bit of both. After all, the mind is perhaps most powerful organ in the body - sometimes it’s in full control of everything, other times it is weary and those old habits are just too tempting.

All the same, I haven’t lost sight of my resolutions and I won’t be put off completely. So if you have drunk during your dry January or haven’t yet exercised the promised three times a week, give yourself a break and get back to it. It’s all about creating new habits and patterns, and this takes time.

Too many people end up abandoning goals after one slip. For myself, I believe the positive “get back on the horse" reaction to the occasional lapse is in fact one of the most important benefits from New Year’s resolutions - don’t give up.

If you took the time to chose how or what you wanted to change in 2018, don’t be swayed by those lapses. A percentage of change is better than none at all and when that powerful muscle the mind recognises the benefits, the percentage will rise.

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