The latest Venn Index is released

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The latest Venn Index shows that the healthcare sector is stronger and more resilient than media scares would have us believe.  Even allowing for various pressures – the ‘flu season’ spike in demand, and the relentlessly rising costs of caring for an ageing population, treating complex diseases, and running innovative clinical trials – it is clear that the sector is making headway.

It’s even more impressive if you take into account other external pressures, such as increased patient awareness (in the age of ‘google my symptoms’) and continuing economic turbulence post-crash and pre-Brexit.  The last quarter (q4/2017) Venn Index proves that the healthcare sector is showing a stoic resilience, fighting back to ensure stronger than ever delivery of key services that we may have grown used to, even taken for granted. 

At Venn Group we pride ourselves on ensuring that we listen carefully, understand and react to market demands, offering value for money across a sector that needs all our support.





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