All sorts appreciation: a reason to love recruitment.

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We asked our management team to complete the statement I love Venn Group because……… , and by a large margin the response was because of the people. We are lucky enough to work in an industry where there is no ideal or perfect type of person, so when they responded “the people” it was because of the variety we employ. In recruitment you end up working with people you would probably never mix with or even meet, we employ opposites; jocks and nerds, techies and technophobes, the organised and the messy, the street smart and the bright sparks, the silly and the sensible, the creatives and the logicals, and it is these differences in our team environment that make the chemistry of success.


Recruitment has a relatively high turnover as an industry in the first year and that is because it is not for all yet wonderfully is it for all sorts. This is what makes finding great consultants so tricky, as it is undefinable, some people have just got it.


So on this Valentines day we send love to an industry that embraces and appreciates all.



As one director wrote “I love Venn Group because we are all as weird as each other”. 

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