International Women’s Day

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For the 43rd successive year, International Women’s Day will be celebrated on 8th March. This is a chance for countries around the world to celebrate the achievements of its women, whilst looking at the progress made in the campaign for gender equality and also considering what more needs to be done.

Closer to home in Britain, International Women’s Day 2018 holds especial significance as it coincides with the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote. This crucial step set the tone for a century of immense progress for the Women’s right movement, with subsequent events such as the legal right to equal pay being enacted.

In the recruitment context, gender equality is a very prevalent issue. The Equality Act requires that employers cannot discriminate against prospective employees when recruiting based on their gender, and subsequently do not have grounds to refuse to progress someone on this basis.

Venn Group prides itself on promoting equal opportunities, both when recruiting to positions for external clients and within the organisation itself. Applications are welcomed from all candidates for roles we work on, and consultants cannot take direction from clients as to a preference on gender. 

We are proud to have 26 (and counting!) female employees at Manager level or above and our new Pathways and Milestones structure ensures that consultants are rewarded on a meritocratic basis. Women at Venn Group can be assured that their achievements will be recognised on both a financial level and with regards to how they progress through the ranks.

On the broader spectrum however, there is still room for improvement. This International Women’s Day comes after a year of momentous attention on women’s rights. The issue of gender pay gaps continues, with the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report stating that we are still 200 years away from economic gender equality. We are also hot on the heels of the widely publicised ‘Me Too’ and ‘Time’s Up’ movements, which brought the issue to wider public consciousness.

However, we can take these events as motivation, and continue the good progress already made to work towards a more equal and prosperous future. Venn Group looks forward to celebrating the achievements of its brilliant women in 2018, and continuing to support them in the years to come.

Written by Maire Gerrard

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