Jack Sharpe promotion

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Congratulations to Jack Sharpe on his promotion to Manager of the Midlands HR & Communications team, we wish him huge success in his new position. 

“Jack Sharpe’s promotion to Manager of Midlands HR & Communications has been thoroughly well-deserved and earned through sheer hard work and determination. He has demonstrated what can be achieved when you consistently focus on people development as well as leading from the front. This has be shown by Jack consistently rising to new challenges over the past 4 years, in particular he has shown his versatility by billing at a high level in three very different markets. Through all the ups and downs to get to this point Jack has always approached any new challenge with a smile and a joke so his promotion has been one of the most popular I have witnessed across the office! Fantastic work Jack!”

Tom Brown, Jack's Senior Manager

“I have been at Venn Group for just over four years now, initially working on the Social Housing team within the Midlands Office. Two years ago the opportunity arose for me to move over and help set up HR, Marketing & Communications team. We now have a strong team and are making inroads in this highly competitive market. We have made an excellent start 2018 and I’m sure this will continue throughout the rest of the year and beyond with the team we have”.

Jack Sharpe




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