The call of sunshine

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By Lucinda Drummond

Like so many of the 20somethings, if you’re finding it’s that time of year in London when you have never been so pale or cold (Mr Beast from the East), you may feel so desperate for a holiday that you would considering moving to Australia temporarily to work. The attraction of constant sun and beaches all year round is a huge temptation, especially in this weather.

A working holiday in Australia is definitely worth considering. Here are 3 things to consider when taking the big step.

1 – With Working Holiday Visas (1 year long for 18 -30 yr. olds) you are only allowed to work at one place for 6 months. This rule unfortunately limits you to certain careers (unless you are looking to get sponsored and have a skill that AUS is desperately needs). Unfortunately no matter how good your CV is, they don’t have time to train someone to only employ you for six months. Typical positions picked up by eager Brits are hospitality, construction, charity, sales (call centres) and contracting in offices. 

2 - Farm work – If you are looking to stick around for a second year, farm work is a rite of passage. Spending either 88 days or 3 months in a working hostel is a long time to commit for staying in the middle of nowhere or a small town.  Farm work is a lot harder than one anticipates; working outside for hours in temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius with some of the most poisonous animals in the world nearby is not for the faint hearted. The main benefits being making friends for life and weekend trips to nearby beaches and waterfalls. If you buy a car out there you will automatically be everyone’s best friend. 

3 – Travel and Cost– Australia is a whole lot bigger than Europe. Journeys less than 2 hours are considered short. Be prepared to spend up to 6 hours or more on a bus travelling between locations.  Even internal flights between Perth and Brisbane (2241miles) are just under 5 hours. Australia is surprisingly expensive as many things are imported and taxed. Food is seasonal in supermarkets – if it’s not in season good lucking trying to find it (or paying 3 times the cost)!

At the end of the day if you haven’t got sponsorship (paid by your boss) where you have to work for the same company for 2 years, you will more than likely to return to the UK wiser, and with multiple new friends around Europe and the UK. Your time spent there won’t be wasted. For future employers, you will be considered greatly more mature than a fresh graduate, more confident, a lot wiser and plenty of “Gap Yah” stories. 

Although I’ve been back for over a year now and mid-way through my first full winter in over 2 years; I wistfully think about being able to pop down to Bondi after work for bevvies on the beach and watch the evening surfers. I would 100% recommend moving abroad before becoming focused with your career. 

As you read this, storm Emma is on her way and the beast from the east is having it's fun and it’s time to get back to work...

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