What would you tell your teenage self?

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Happy Mothers day


To mark the day that celebrates one of the hardest jobs in the world we asked some of the inspirational woman at Venn Group what they would tell their teenage self, and below is what they said.



‘Don’t be afraid to be yourself, embrace the things that make you you’

Jocy James, Senior Training Manager



“You can only plan your life out to a certain extent, you might not have done x and y by the time you’re a certain age and that’s ok. 

There’s no way of knowing exactly where you will be and what you will achieve further down the line, so work hard but try being in the moment more……”

Lynne Nicoll, Senior Manager



“Be a bit nice to your mum, behind the life advice that you may not agree with now, she is your number one fan, best friend and would do anything for you.”

Sophie Anderson, Legal Senior Manager



“Be present in every moment, every choice and every joyful moment of your life, look forward and learn from the past, but don’t look sideways and compare as there will always be someone or something that you may consider to be better. Surround yourself with people who add to your life and help you to be the best version of yourself you can be.” 

Elly Hanna, Communications



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