Happy Venniversary Tom Brown

Posted on Friday, April 27, 2018 by Venn Group1 comment

Tom Brown our Senior Manager from Birmingham celebrated his 10 year Venniversary with Deirdra Moynihan and Philip Hanna yesterday.


We ask Tom to tell us about his journey so far:


I joined Venn Group after a brief stint travelling in Asia and despite looking about 12 at the time I survived the perfect storm of reporting to Greg and then Stan to progress through the ranks. Avtar’s arrival saw my promotion to manager and then following the “growth an empire” in the Public Sector I was promoted to Senior Manager in February of last year. There is still plenty of work to be done and I’m looking forward to the next ten years!


His funniest moment to date:


There are far too many to mention and some probably to risqué but a selection would be: an unnamed member of the office writing stories about candles, Jack Leech being recruited to Venn Group in the Sun on the Hill and Jack Sharpe’s secret santa present.


The highlight though was when two members of the office were dressed in fancy dress to raise money for charity and I was witness to Greg Jones highlighting the inefficiency of a search that a Kick Ass (in full mask) and a Storm Trooper (complete with helmet) should of completed. That will live long in the memory.


Words of wisdom:


The harder you work the luckier you get.


I would like to add that I feel very privileged to work on the business unit that I do and that the success I have had at Venn Group would not of happened without the time and effort of the guys I work with every day. Thanks to all of you, it really is appreciated!


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1 comment on "Happy Venniversary Tom Brown"

  • Chris Hirst says: 29 April 2018 at 06:59

    Well done on lasting this long and making an active success so far. Nothing is a job for life anymore and devious employees make the task even more difficult. I have found Venn very helpful in the past and will be using you again in the (near) future.