Interviewing 2 - Dress for success

Posted on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 by Elly HannaNo comments

The key to how to dress for a professional interview is vanilla. Your outfit needs to fit in, take second place and not be heard above you. 


Over the years I have interviewed many people whose appearance dominated the interview. My favourite being a chap in an orange pin stripe suit with gold buttons. It was a show stopper. I did end up hiring this guy but he had to work hard to overcome that first impression. Admittedly as a trained professional I should have been able to see beyond the suit and I did eventually, as on this occasion his personality and interview preparation outshone and overcame. However, not everybody is able to see beyond “the suit” so don’t make it harder for yourself.


So, let your personality be the colour for which you are remembered, wearing a simple professional outfit with good personal hygiene is the only statement that is needed. You won’t get hired for that sassy top but you will for a well thought out P E E answer (Interviewing 1) to a question.



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